Most Popular Technical Support Problems

  • System Slow Startup
  • Malware Invasion
  • Virus Concerns
  • Divices Installation Issues
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Spyware Concerns
  • Data Backup
  • Internet Connection Issues
  • PC System Errors
  • PC Slow
  • File Extension Problems
  • PC Freezes
  • Email Issues


Komahiga S.R.L., MD-2036, str. Uzinelor 168, ap. 3, mun. Chisinau, Republica Moldova
We Help You With:-

Virus, Malware Removal and Protection

Our Technical Experts will remotely connect with your device online, completely check your system and all softwares, remove or fix all issues, and improve your machine for swifter and more trustworthy performance. Know More

PC Tune-up, Repair, diagnosis and complete maintenance

Your PC needs to be regularly tuned up to keep running effectively or at top performance just like any other machine. Our Experts are extremely skilled in figuring out issues and solving any and all PC issues. Our Experts will optimize your PC to the fullest. Know More

What We Do?

When a computer is under an attack by a corrupted or some suspecious files called virus, there exists a significant amount of dis-function within a users system. Corrupted or removed system files can demage the system and also expose the private information. Don't take chances, let us help! Know More